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Turnkey Services

InStore Ads™ offers the following turnkey services to establish Canadian brands in India:

1. Provide strategic direction to build brand equity including the following deliverables

a. Business Strategy Document: aligned with your goals and needs, specifically designed to set realistic, measurable, and insight-driven objectives by identifying factors necessary for your success in India. This document includes: 

i. Research & Insights: A deep dive into existing and potential markets and customer behaviour.

ii. Brand Diagnostic: an evaluation of your brand positioning to ensure that your customers feel that they can only get what they want from you.

iii. Business Performance Analysis: an in-depth audit of your business and competitive forces, including financials, to gain an understanding of your business situation and positioning within the competitive landscape abroad.

iv. Business Strategy & Brand Strategy: 18 month roadmap for your business to achieve success abroad

v. Operational/Execution Plan & KPIs

vi. Resources and Risks: Identifies resources needed to achieve your plan and how to mitigate risks of pursuing the proposed business strategy

vii. Long Term Considerations: Included will be opportunities for your business that were discovered during analysis, that are outside the scope of work.

2. Develop Integrated Marketing Plan to complement Business Strategy that defines an advertising strategy including the following: 

a. Campaign objectives and goals

b. Campaign scope, cost and timelines

c. Recruitment plan for campaign execution (identifying vendors/partners)
d. Definition of KPIs and reporting metrics for monitoring campaign success

e. Identification of target audiences based on proper segmentation

f. Development of advertising messages suited for proper communication with each target audience

g. Media selection for the campaign based on the campaign budget

h. Development of content, copy and graphics to deliver the message through each media

i. Product launch strategy and go-to-market plan 

3. Set up your business entity in India including the following deliverables

a. Registrations, licensing and permissions required

b. Customs clearance set up

c. Logistics and warehousing

d. Any other support required

4. Execution of business strategy and marketing plans including the following deliverables

a. Set up product placement mechanisms to ensure smooth distribution of your products to stores and to consumers.

b. Recruit (if necessary) marketing and operations staff

c. Plan and execute one small advertising campaign to test market your products in a small number of stores in a single carefully selected area

d. Monitor performance through periodic reports and market analysis to refine the branding, marketing and advertising strategies developed.
e. Launch larger advertising campaigns over broader areas based on the test marketing feedback and. lessons learned from the test marketing exercise.
f. Coordinate and manage implementation of the business and marketing strategies in the longer term using the reporting metrics and KPIs developed

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