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1. How will my particular products be marketed ?

That will depend on the characteristics of your brand and your company profile. We suggest you go through the details of our Turnkey Services, and then contact us for a free appraisal or if you have more detailed questions for us. If we feel that your brand is suitable for marketing in India we will ask you for more details and quote to you for these turnkey services.

If you would simply like to book advertising space in Indian stores through InStore Ads™ as detailed in our website either directly or through your advertising agency, we would be happy to help you too. In fact, this core InStore Ads™ activity is extremely economical, yet highly effective even as a standalone advertising medium (ideal for small and medium brand owners).

2. What is the sales potential for my products in India?
Mind-bogglingly huge. If we target the wealthiest 5% of the approximately 1.3 billion Indians we are targeting approximately 65 million people, or about twice the population of Canada.

3. What about digital advertising?
This will may be part of the advertising campaign, depending on the strategy chosen. Evaluation of your product for digital marketing will be part of the planning.

4. Will my current online set up be part of the Indian marketing?
Indian digital marketing campaigns will certainly give a boost to your Canadian online sales.

5. How will my Indian venture be financed?
As part of the Turnkey Services we identify for you resources needed to achieve your plan. Additionally we could help you with your business, marketing and financial project reports for submitting to Canadian financial institutions.

InStore Ads™ (in India) specializes in effective low-budget retail-based marketing which will not require huge funding. See

6. Will I have to visit India for business purposes?
Visits would be helpful for you to get a better understanding of the Indian market but not strictly necessary in the beginning. Indian operations will be handled by Tuffsign Systems Pvt. Ltd. with your permission and approval.

7. How will I work from Canada with my Indian associates?
Your direct liaison will be InStore Ads™ Canada, located in Toronto. While much of the business will be via phone and online, we will schedule regular face-to-face meetings in your city as necessary.

8. How can my products compete with low-priced Indian products?
As a general rule you will not be competing on price, but by establishing your offering as a premium brand to the wealthiest Indians. This is why we suggest we create for you the Business Strategy Document and the marketing plan to complement your business strategy, as outlined in Turnkey Services.

9. What happens if my designs are copied by Indian competitors?
This is a risk faced by all premium brands. Minimizing and mitigating such risks would form part of the business strategy.

10. How will product returns be dealt with?
Appropriate processes for repairs and/or returns specific to your products will need to be developed and set-up.

11. How will my initial set up in India be managed?
This will be managed by Tuffsign Systems Pvt. Ltd. with your permission and approval at every stage.

12. Who will manage my marketing in India?
This will be managed by Tuffsign Systems Pvt. Ltd. with your permission and approval at every stage.

13. Who will manage my Indian operations?
This will be managed by Tuffsign Systems Pvt. Ltd. with your permission and approval at every stage.

14. How will I get my money from my Indian purchasers?
In most cases we would set up an advance pay system either by wire transfer or online. In cases of dispute Tuffsign Systems Pvt. Ltd. will deal with purchasers on your behalf to resolve issues.

15. Will I have to provide extend terms of payment (30 days, 60 days etc.) to my Indian purchasers?
Not unless you want to. See #14 above.

16. How much will this entry into the Indian market cost me?
We will quote you a turnkey price after evaluating all your needs and requirements. The process is as follows:

a. Your firm will go through a no-cost qualifying review to gauge the suitability of your products for marketing in India.
b. An InStore Ads™ Canada representative will collect basic information from you through a simple form

c. A conference call will be arranged with our branding and marketing strategy experts to get more detailed information with a view to proposing a high level strategy and to provide pricing for the services to be provided
d. A customized and detailed Statement of Work together with pricing and timelines will then be provided to you.
e. Work will commence after you provide a deposit and sign a contract for the services to be rendered.

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