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Close The "Retail Gap"

Advertising campaigns are won or lost at the point of sale. If you are already running an ad campaign using mainstream media, let us help you bridge the "retail gap" by not only displaying your advertising message in the stunning InStore Ads™ signage, but also by deploying other POP such as danglers, A frames, shop board and local outdoor signs, merchandising, sampling teams and other kinds of local advertising for additional impact.

Enter “Modern Trade” Outlets And Supermarkets

As mom-and-pop stores give way to large supermarkets, everybody wants to have a presence in the big chains. Through the InStore Ads™ program we help you not only gain entry into "modern trade" outlets but move your products off the shelves rapidly to ensure repeat business.

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Target Consumers Who Are Already Shopping

The objective of any consumer product advertising campaign is to get people to walk into stores and ask for the product being advertised. But what if people are already in stores and the advertising inside stores is so persuasive that it makes them buy the product on impulse? The InStore Ads™ program does exactly that, it works its magic on people who are already inside or near shops. Product launches, raising brand awareness, increasing market penetration and many other advertising campaign objectives can be achieved through the InStore Ads™ program at a fraction of the cost incurred in running mainstream advertising media campaigns!

Let Us Handle Your Complicated Retail Promotion Logistics

We don't just run the InStore Ads™ program, we do everything retail. We deploy danglers and other POP for you, identify other local advertising media, run sampling programs, provide merchandising services, select the right stores for you, and appoint distributors if necessary. Leave the often frustrating, always labour-intensive and time-consuming retail promotion to our experts and concentrate your energies on your main marketing activities!

End-to-End Turnkey Services

Plan High-impact Retail Advertising Campaigns Through InStore Ads

The impact resulting from a string of dazzling InStore Ads™ displays concentrated in shops within a small area is extremely powerful, with a high recall value. This could be the basis for highly localized, hard-hitting retail-centric ad campaigns supported by various local outdoor ads and judicious use of print and other media. The InStore Ads™ program functions as a brand new advertising medium that enables even a low-budget retail advertising campaign to deliver an immediate, focused and powerful impact to people who really matter to local businesses: local customers!


Multiply The Effect Of Your Mainstream Media Ads

Because the InStore Ads™ concept is so effective at grabbing customer attention to the scintillating display, mainstream advertising benefits hugely from adding this program to the portfolio of media used in a typical advertising campaign. First, the location of such eye-catching displays in high-traffic shops often result in impulse buys or purchases that result in the display emphatically reinforcing the dim memory of mainstream advertising seen before. Next, the shopkeeper who benefits from the advertising rental is eager to push the advertised product. Finally, the mainstream advertising itself acts a strong reminder for the point-of-sale advertising, which helps increase recall value and encourages repeat buys.

Get Frequent Retail Feedback

Here's another thing that other advertising media cannot provide: real-time market feedback. Our field team provides you with immediate weekly and monthly reports of not only the impact of the advertising, but also of the subsequent sales results. This helps fine-tune campaign activities for maximum effectiveness.

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Here's How We Can Help You

Working closely with an InStore Ads™ representative will help you:

  1. Set up your business entity, including any licences or permissions you may need to operate in Toronto.
  2. Develop a marketing plan considering the Canadian context.
  3. Set up product placement mechanisms to ensure smooth distribution of your products to retail outlets and to consumers.
  4. Market test your products in carefully selected stores and locations.
  5. Plan and execute advertising campaigns to establish repeat sales of your products over a larger area.

Advertising Agencies Protected

We welcome and protect both full-service and media booking advertising companies. As a brand new advertising medium that depends for our success on the brilliant advertising campaigns created by ad agencies, we are always looking for meaningful partnership with you. In fact we would be happy to refer our direct product owner clients to you if they need a full service advertising agency to plan their campaigns!

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